Rheometer New RST-Touch

Ideal for quality control as well as research and development

Company formerly: Rheotec Messtechnik GmbH

Now: AMETEK Germany GmbH

New, enhanced encoder allows for increased measuring and control capabilities while maintaining sophisticated Rheological Analysis At An Affordable Price


RST Rheometer

  • configurable touchscreen
  • user profiles with individual rights
  • languages: english, german, chinese, polish
  • remote use with software Rheo3000


  • integrated editing/ creating of multiple programs on 4 GB of system memory
  • automatic gap adjustment
  • measurement of
    • viscosity
    • yield (yield point)
    • creep test with recovery
    • SoftSolidTest
    • thixotropy and rheopexy
  • data export to USB flash drive, printer and PC (with software only)
    • export files *.csv | *.bin | *.txt


  • volume up to 1000 ml
  • temperatures of 20°C up to 180°C with ramps while measurement
  • automatic gap adjustment

Measuring Systems

  • plates, cones, cylinders, vane and double-gap
  • manually adjustable gap settings
  • QuickConnector for quick replacement of the measuring systems
  • measuring system recognition by barcode scanner
  • 31 preinstalled measuring systems
  • internet database for automatic data retrieve of the measuring systems
  • free software updates available on the Internet



Texture Analyzer

Texture Analyzer

Powder Flow Tester

Powder Flow Tester

Process Viscometer

Process Viscometer